Best Way to Lose Menopause Belly Fat: Simple Tips Yet Effective

For females, there are lot of scientific and physiological reasons to gain belly fat right after menopause.  Female’s endocrine menopause10glands start secreting less estrogen at the start of menopausal age. Consequent to this declining and decreasing estrogens level, it changes the normal contour of body.  An extra weight starts to settle more in her belly and around waist. But it is a biological event that evolved through ages in humans.  It is a fate that women are more prone to gain excess belly fat during perimenopause and menopause on dropping estrogens level. Estrogens are an emerging regulator of the action of another hormone that is insulin. So, it is directly related and acts upon the excess calories that has to be burned though metabolism. Estrogens also resist the fat storage action.

Some Facts to Consider

  • Albeit, as we have started to analyse the role of hormones and learnt the reasons behind gaining belly fat on perimenopause and menopause simultaneously we need to learn How to lose menopause belly fat and here Origin Weight renders great help.
  • As it is understood well that hormones like estrogens communicate signals to regulate the storage of fats.
  • Therefore during pri-menopause and post-menopause, end of the secretion cuts the signal thus causing changes like slowing down the metabolism, digestion and absorption, appetite and heat regulation that related with burning calories.
  • If you are tired and following wrong dietary rule at home as well outside, Origin Weight is your one step solution to regularize everything.

Following some simple rules and applications will help you to Lose menopause belly fat.

Work Out more

Combination exercises with diet to burn more calories that convert it into fats and this is the best way to lose menopause belly fat.

Exercises like cardio, core, and weight-lifting exercises. Cardio workouts burn the most calories,


On the other hand you should be more cautious and watchful on the following factors that have an important role on regulating and preventing of deposition of fats into females;

Eat Properly

Excess intake of Carbohydrates the main enemy cause bloating and fat storage. Cut carbohydrate intake though beverages, foods and drinks. Whole ingredients intake and avoiding processed foods is effective for you. Fresh vegetables and other natural sources of vitamins, minerals, and fibre is an essential element to reduce fat. Origin Weight offer wonderful recipes where you can prepare tasty foods while cutting down much calorie intake.

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